BungyPump poles available now in Latvia

BungyPump is the unique training pole that has around 20 cm of inbuilt suspension. There are several different models with at resistance between 4 and 10 kilos. You get much more from your training than you can do using conventional walking poles – a stronger body, greater calorie consumption and better fitness.

The poles can be used for walking and running but suits also perfect to use as a strength training tool for both indoor and outdoor. BungyPump is the new multifunctional way of training both fitness and strength at the same time.

BungyPump is the all-round, effective training tool that makes taking exercise much more fun!

BungyPump in short words:

  • Up to 77% increased burning of calories compared with regular walking
  • 90% of the body’s muscles are activated when BungyPump Walking
  • Adjustable length, suits the whole family
  • Can be used by everyone – regardless of age, fitness and gender
  • Soft and gentle on shoulders and elbows
  • Praised by medical expertise – used in rehabilitation
  • Suits everyone, from daily exercisers to elite athletes
  • Unique Swedish product manufactured in Sweden

Walking Fox is the exclusive distributor of BungyPump in Latvia. Please contact us in case you would like to buy a pair of poles for you.

Training videos: