Gymnastics at the workplace

If you are a company or department head who appreciate that your company’s competitiveness not only affects the diversity of services and prices, but also employees ‘ health, motivation and emotional condition, we have, in accordance with occupational health and safety specialist jobs in the estimated impact of health to develop a specialized set of exercises for workers’ health maintain and improve health and to introduce a gymnastics’ break in the workplace.

Gymnastics break is highly effective health promotion tool that is recommended to use a number of reasons:

  • It does not require a lot of time – to carry out exercises in a separate part of the body is sufficient for a few minutes. You can perform these exercises rest breaks so that during the day to loosen up all the problem areas: arms, back, neck, eyes, and legs.
  • The exercises are simple and their execution does not need accessories.
  • Exercise is enforceable without much effort and do not sweat, so no need to dress up, to leave the work premises and attend the shower after training.
  • Exercising with colleagues improves mood and promotes free communication between people.
  • Exercise regular execution enhances employability and reduces health risks.

Health sports specialist will come to your company at least once a week for 15-20 minutes and carry out a gymnastics’ break, offering to execute the exercises into strengthening, strength and flexibility, as well as the coordination of movement and vision. During classes, employees will learn the minimum amount of knowledge and skills that will enable them to continuously organize rest breaks every day so as to maintain health and reduce the risk of occupational diseases.

Service fee depends on the number of staff to be involved in classes and workshops frequency. To get a quote, please contact the health professional sports in the Contacts section of the website.