Latvia Endurance Walk

The nature inspires people. Every year in springtime, lot of people start to do new things, do more sport and challenge themselves. Some go to competitions but we know lot of people don’t need to compare themselves to others only do interesting, non-ordinary things.

We suggest to prepare your body and mind for Latvia Endurance walk and participate this event at June 20th. Last year it was a great event during the longest day if summer. 110 people took a challenge to walk (or run, or jog) 50 kilometers within 12 hours or less. 101 did it.

You can join the First Endurance Walk as a single participant as well as a team. Please fill the Registration Form to register for the event. You can find more information about participation in the General Rules of the First Endurance Walk.


Rules of Latvia Endurance Walk:

Registration Form for Individuals


Registration Form for Team
  • Information on the team's contact person and participation fee payer

  • Information on team members—participants of the Event

  • * Format: dd/mm/yy (eg: 01/12/80)




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