Nordic Walking Training

  • Why sports physiotherapists and health professionals Nordic walking rightly considered being equally good for swimming?
  • Why do you need to learn the right technique of Nordic Walking with an certified instructor?
  • Does the length of the pole and design of strap is essential for Nordic Walking?
  • What is recoil and rotation? Is Nordic Walking technique very complicated or not?
  • What are benefits of warm-up before and cool-down after Nordic Walking workout?
  • Is it true that Nordic walking is also good for young and healthy people?

It is only a small part of the questions to which you will answer a certified Nordic Walking instructor, when you choose to start Nordic walking training. In a really short time you will learn the correct Nordic Walking technique that will allow you to very soon feel the health benefits.

If you’ve never kept in the hands of poles and afraid to make mistake , to acquire and starting to use it in practice, definitely use a Nordic walking instructor offers – Learn the Nordic walking technique with an instructor and get advices to buy the best equipment.

If you are an experienced self-made walker , however, we recommend that you meet with the instructor and, if necessary, to correct some minor nuances of your Nordic Walking technique, thus allowing you to fully enjoy the benefits of this truly worthwhile leisure activities .

Certified Nordic walking instructor Fanija Šitca offers Nordic walking training classes individually and in small groups (up to 4 people) , providing learners with sticks during the class. To agree on the time and place of classes, call 29478169 or send an e -mail to fanija.sitca @

New! From January 2014, interested parties are offered training with BungyPump poles! To arrange the time and place of classes call 29478169 or send an e -mail to fanija.sitca