The First Endurance Walk

„Walking Fox” is pleased to announce that the First Endurance Walk of Latvia will take place at Sigulda district at June 21, 2014 with support of Sigulda Municipality.

We invite everyone who feels strong-minded and healthy to join this event. The challenge of endurance is to complete the 50 kilometer distance on your feet (walk, run, Nordic Walking) in less than 12 hours. An event of this kind will be organized for the first time in Latvia. It will be a walk without elements of competition. We know that the most important fights we have against ourselves.

We drew the inspiration to organize an endurance walk in Latvia from Dodentocht walk in Belgium, where participants are challenged to cover 100 km during less than 24 hours. Dodentocht will take place for the 45th time at Bornem in August 8, 2014. You can find more information about Dodentocht at

You can join the First Endurance Walk as a single participant as well as a team. Please fill the Registration Form to register for the event. You can find more information about participation in the General Rules of the First Endurance Walk.

General Rules (updated!)


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