The First Latvian BungyPump Instructors’ Education Course has Finished

On Saturday, December 14, BungyPump held its first training of instructors, organized by „Walking Fox” and led by an international instructor—Linda-Marie Ölund from Sweden.

The seminar was a great opportunity for visitors to practice and to make sure that a seemingly short session with BungyPump is energetic, uplifting and effective training, employing all the muscle groups.

Teaching material  advanced the workshop participants’ existing knowledge and experience of Nordic walking—all the new Latvian BungyPump instructors are qualified Nordic Walking instructors with several years of experience in organizing and conducting training sessions.

Each workshop participant received a gift from “Walking Fox “—two pairs of BungyPump poles, and—from the Swedish firm SportsProgress—a bright shirt.

Keep following us, and soon you’ll find out, where you can meet your BungyPump instructor and discover how challenging BungyPump training is!