The Right Wear for Outdoor Activities

How to dress on a winter’s day, to exercise in the fresh air and not fall ill afterwards?

Remember that you will feel best in layered clothing. The first layer, closest to your skin, will drain sweat away from your body. We recommend wearingmicrofiber clothes as the first layer—a cotton t-shirt will not be the most suitable clothing!

The second layer should provide thermal insulation and keep you warm. A fleece jacket or knitwear will be the best choice.

The outer layer protects your body from exposure to natural conditions. If the weather is cool and dry, it will be enough to use a windproof jacket without impregnation. Remember that impregnated clothing will trap condensed  moisture, and it will cause you discomfort during—and especially after—longer workouts, when the moisture cools rapidly and may indeed contribute to excessive cooling of your body. However, waterproof clothing will be the best top layer if you choose to work out in the rain or wet snow.

Make sure to keep our legs warm – when your muscles cool down on a windy day, thermal underwear will keep your calves warm and comfortable, while suitable footwear will keep feet warm and dry.

Under no circumstances should you treat glove and headgear choice carelessly!

During a workout, if you feel that it’s too warm and you start sweating, undo your clothes and let your body cool down.

Remember the adage: there is no bad weather, only unsuitable clothing. Enjoy every moment spent in the fresh air!