The Start of the Sunburn Season

The first sunny days of Spring have arrived, when everyone wants to enjoy the rays of sun and restore the lovely tan that faded during the dark months of Winter.

We’ve tested this on our own skin last year and this year too: March is no fun in the sun—an hour of activities in the fresh air, and your skin is red and screaming for help. For those, who didn’t wear sunglasses on sunny days, it was not only the skin, but unfortunately also the eye cornea that suffered from sunburn. Therefore, we want to warn other friends of the Sun—do not be light-minded and take good care of your loved ones’ and your own skin’s protection!

No matter wheather you are planning a short walk around the city, or the first spring cycling, or maybe some extreme sunbathing in the lee of the sandy dunes—cover your skin with sunscreen. Protect your eyes, particularly when you’re in areas where snow has still remained, but especially—in mountains, where exposure to the Sun is especially strong.

We hope that the pleasures of sunbathing will not be obscured by the treatment of burns in the coming days!