What should be in your carry bag in Winter?

If you are planning to go out in the fresh air for a longer period of time, take care not only about the heat of all parts of the body , but also for renewable energy supplies—cookies, chocolate , nuts or raisins. In winter, the best snacks are those that will not freeze in the cold. You can use them immediately after taking out from a bag or pocket.

And do not forget about fluids! Our body needs water all the time. Therefore it will not be enough if you drink a lot of water before leaving home, hoping to do without “excessive weight” when going for a hike or a run. You can choose between fresh water, sweetened drinks or a thermos of hot tea!

And most importantly—never eat snow to quench thirst! Even if your hand doesn’t scoop up dirty snow, and even though you won’t catch a cold from a handful of snow, melted in your mouth—remember that in order to melt the snow your body consumes energy, and therefore a certain amount of water from existing body reserves will be spent, which, in case of thirst, are depleted already below the minimum level. When eating snow, the feeling of thirst will not only not disappear, but it will grow stronger. Therefore it’s best to leave the enjoyment of ice for another time!